Anhui Ankai Automobile is a Chinese brand specialized in the production of several high standard buses and chassis. With over 3000 employees and an annual production of 15000 buses, it is one of the three largest manufacturers in the country. How can you describe the evolution of the company over the years to become a reference in the market?
Anhui Ankai is the leader and benchmark of luxury bus in China. In 1993, the first Ankai luxury bus was put into operation in Chengdu-Chongqing Expressway, filling the gap of domestic luxury bus market and creating a new era of China’s road passenger transport.Ankai company relying on full load-bearing body manufacturing technology, take the lead in cooperating with world famous first-class universities and parts enterprises, successfully developed a series of pure electric and hybrid electric passenger cars, and the new fuel electric passenger vehicle system integration technology leading domestic, motor, electric control, with independent intellectual property rights wheel motor drive axle manufacturing technology.At present, Ankai Bus has the most complete new energy bus product line in China, the largest number of cities where new energy customers operate and the highest single-vehicle mileage of pure electric buses in China.

The company is geared towards technologically advanced and autonomous electric and CNG vehicles. Can we affirm that the innovation of automobile technology on which the brand bets daily is allied to the quality and differentiation of what they produce? In what way?
Ankai and Germany’s Siemens, the university of California, China university of science and technology, Shanghai jiaotong university and other more property institutions long-term deep cooperation, cooperation projects involving hybrid system, electronic control system, drive motor research and other fields, to ensure that ankai bus technology development of sync with the world all the time, with the tide.

In a world where sustainability has become a priority, Anhui Ankai Automobile carries out its work in the same way in the face of what is today a worldwide cause. As far as electric vehicles are concerned, do you consider their introduction to the market to have been an affordable process? What was the impact on the target audience?
Ankai has the National Electric Bus System Integration Engineering and Technology Research Center, the National Enterprise Technology Center, and the National Postdoctoral Research Workstation, bringing together the scientific elites from various fields to carry out the enterprise technological innovation and product research and development.Company to increase investment in the field of new energy vehicles, has the domestic leading the drive system of laboratory, power battery lab, electronic control system laboratory, laboratory, vehicle research and development and performance parts performance and so on six big LABS, have a new energy vehicle and system integration, electronic control and drive systems, power battery components such as testing, validation and development capabilities.

As a pilot, innovative and intellectual property-friendly company, what was the procedure in the research and production of the technologically developed vehicles?
Two research and development methods:
1. Active research and development: research the market, develop suitable products according to the market demand and actively put into the market.
2. Passive research and development: according to customer needs, the development of customer needs of the product.
Production process: product development – design – put into production – welding – coating – final assembly – vehicle test-put into test.

With an excellent product quality, Anhui Ankai Automobile is governed by the concept “Respect for the Customer” which led them to the consolidation of the brand in the market. Therefore, today, being a reference in the Asian continent and already making great strides in South America and the Middle East, the goal is to definitely expand also in the European market. Do you believe that these innovative products will be revolutionary in the face of competition? What remains to be done to cement this purpose?
Ankai develops products suitable for all kinds of customers worldwide. With excellent product quality and the concept of “Respect the guest operating”, our products have been exported to more than 50 developed countries and regions such as the United Kingdom, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, South America, and others, and won a good brand reputation worldwide.In the future, we will continue to strive to develop more high-quality products for customers, and strive to make up for our own shortcomings, so that Ankai brand influence in Europe to a higher level.

In Europe, they want to produce at low cost and dominate the market. How do you intend to make a difference in this respect?
In the future, we will try our best to control the cost of the vehicle body, battery, motor and electric control without affecting the performance and quality of the vehicle.We have developed cost-effective products suitable for the European market.

Anhui Ankai Automobile is one of the most complete companies in the sector. It is therefore important to keep up with new market trends on a daily basis. In this year that has just started, what news can you tell us? What will be the next step in the chronology of success?
In the New Year, Ankai Bus will step forward with high quality development, accelerate to build a world-class Chinese independent bus brand with “Anxin Bus”, set up an industry model, and lead the future travel.

The year 2021 is for many, a year of new beginnings and for many others it is an ideal time to continue the success achieved. For Anhui Ankai Automobile it is mainly of enthusiasm since it will be presented in Europe by the Official Distributor GIFTUR Group International
(, with the goal of the minimum delivery of around 1500 one hundred percent electric buses, in an initial project of three years. As stated, Anhui Ankai Automobile will take another step towards achieving what it aspires to – lead future travel.
Maria Rocha, CEO of GIFTUR, the International Leader Group in the trade of public and tourist transport vehicles, reinforces that this alliance will be the first big step towards the quality of urban life and sustainable urban mobility in European cities.
With a pioneering project for the management of ecological fleets and alongside ANKAI buses and mini buses, the Group GIFTUR will invest heavily in expanding the fleet of electric tourist trains and other new vehicles for personal and public use.