Início Atualidade DHC FOOD EXPERIENCE and the 2021 Sabor do Ano Award

DHC FOOD EXPERIENCE and the 2021 Sabor do Ano Award

DHC FOOD EXPERIENCE and the 2021 Sabor do Ano Award

DHC is a family business founded in 1997 and represents the passion for innovative, delicious, healthy food products that provide moments of pure pleasure. How, throughout these years, has the brand followed and anticipated consumer trends?
From the outset we have diligently and consistently monitored trends across all specialty food markets, especially in Western Europe, either through visits to points of sale in different countries, or through International Fairs, as well as through the international network we have developed at the procurement level.

DHC’s commitment involves selecting the best products and placing them on the market in a competitive manner and with an eye to engaging the most demanding consumers. Since this is an effectively competitive market, to what extent does the brand stand out and differentiate from the others?
DHC is positioned in product categories that stand out for their innovation and added value. For us, it is essential to associate a correct price positioning, very efficient logistical support and communication, and an adequate selection of points of sale.

Proof of the excellent quality of DHC’s products, PASTA DO DIA receives, for the second consecutive time, the Sabor do Ano Seal in 2021. How important is this recognition for the company?
It is always a great joy to see the recognition of the products of our PASTA DO DIA brand being rewarded by this prestigious Seal. We are always on the lookout for continuous improvement and this assessment by an external entity with the assessment of consumers, who are the ones who move and motivate us, is a very important validation for us.

With regard to Sabor do Ano, which criteria and parameters are taken into account when selecting products and which, naturally, does DHC’s PASTA DO DIA fulfill?
The Sabor do Ano Award is an exclusive certificate for the food sector that distinguishes products through anonymous organoleptic tests carried out by the consumer in a laboratory environment. The panel selected was composed of 80 consumers aged between 20 and 70 years, of both genders (58 women and 22 men). The consumer evaluates the taste, odour, texture, visual appearance and the recommendation/intention to buy. For each of these parameters, it assigns a score on a scale from 1 to 10. If the product obtains a rating equal to or greater than 6 points and the highest score among competing products, it wins the Sabor do Ano seal. This distinction has been held in Portugal for some years, as well as in Spain, France and Italy.

What are the reasons that encourage PASTA DO DIA to be the ideal option for consumers’ diverse meals? What is the secret that makes it unique in the market?Its sustainability, which is always a factor in which we are very attentive and in constant evolution, as well as versatility, wide offering, nutritional balance, the ongoing communication with consumers that helps us to foster continuous improvement, all combined with trust and convenience

In addition to quality, it is also worth noting the issue of innovation, which has a special focus for DHC. Has innovation in products been essential for the company’s recognition? How is it possible to innovate in this sector?
Yes, without a doubt and it is possible, above all, because of our passion and courage to take risks, combined with the support of our long-standing and well-known institutional clients who trust us and are willing to take risks together with DHC.

For the future – and to continue the success of the DHC story – what new products can we expect?
We have a set of exciting and surprising new products coming to the market in the coming months, reflecting new trends (like sustainability, “Free-From”, Etc.) and which we believe will be very well received by consumers. However, at the moment we are keeping these secret for commercial and marketing reason! Watch this space!

Finally, what message would you like to leave to consumers who, over these 24 years of existence, have contributed to the success of DHC?
The gratitude for the openness to new experiences, for the trust and loyalty to our brands. Thank You.