Início Atualidade Luso Financial Planning: Transparency and Accuracy in the provision of its services

Luso Financial Planning: Transparency and Accuracy in the provision of its services

Luso Financial Planning: Transparency and Accuracy in the provision of its services

Founded in 2000, Luso Financial Planning is a boutique company specializing in international financial consulting, providing professional financial knowledge that is fully focused on the client. To better understand, what distinguishes this company in the market for 21 years and what made it a successful player?
For 21 years LUSO FINANCIAL PLANNING (LF) have been providing tailor made tax efficient investment solutions to the niche expatriate and domestic market in Portugal.

Luso Financial Planning offers customized financial solutions to help build and protect its clients’ assets. So, how can you define the services they provide and how they add value to people’s lives and businesses?
# Cross Boarder portability to E.U. residents, and the rest of the World;
# Confidentiality up to 100% capital protection;
# Succession Planning;
# Tax Efficiency;
# Capital Gains taxes benefits inside the solutions.

Portugal is in the center of all attention, for several reasons. Currently, considered a country of choice to live and bet, how has Luso Financial Planning been promoting and framing its activity in the Portuguese market?
Strategic partnerships, Lawyers, Accountancies, Relocation services, Networking and… Events Sponsorships.

Taking into account your experience, what potentials in the Portuguese market have attracted the attention of foreigners, in the various aspects of an opera by Luso Financial Planning?
# Golden Visa;
# NHR – Non-Habitual Resident;
# Brexit;
# Security/Terrorism;
# Savings&Pension Plans;
# Access to PPLI (Private Placement Life Insurance) solution compliant in Portugal, provided by LF.

To what extent is it legitimate to say that the pandemic we are currently experiencing, despite the possible adversities for all, has boosted the Portuguese market? In your view, what has changed?
The need to have a long term financial planning in place, both for firms, and private citizens, to include succession and Estate planning, Legacy Planning, protection against volatile markets and economic crashes, global diversification of assets, ring fencing of assets and divorce contingency planning.

As the core business of Luso Financial Planning is private placement life insurance, how has this area gained prominence and recognition by both Portuguese and foreigners?
PPLI (Private Placement Life Insurance) is a tax efficiency, fully confidential, and secure way to invest assets, bonds, stock options, corporate and private pension plans.
These solutions are compliant and portable throughout the E.U. also worldwide.

With an eye on the future, what are the main challenges of Luso Financial Planning and how can we continue to expect the commitments that they assume in society?
Changes E.U. legislations and regulations, also large banks monopolizing the market and edging out.
Boutique firms like LUSO FINANCIAL have unique advantages and can provide:
# Independency and Confidentiality;
# Flexibility;
# Agility;
# Being able to build unique and off-the-shelf open structures to single and corporate clients…
# …and the foresight to anticipate changes in Regulation and Legislation for our firm and first and foremost for our clients and prospects.

Why Luso Financial Planning?
The boutique company, tailored to serve international/national clients;
Offers clients a variety of products and services, including life insurance, mutual funds and investment management;
Founded in 2000, it has been 21 years of providing customized financial solutions to help build and protect your assets. Their consultants provide professional, client-focused financial planning designed to save you time and help you save your assets and gives you the exclusive benefit to enjoy capital gains free of taxes, inside the policy.