Início Atualidade The best of both worlds: Law and Ballet

The best of both worlds: Law and Ballet

The best of both worlds: Law and Ballet

Maria Ana was born in Lisbon, on September 14, 1981, and currently resides in Luxembourg where she works as an attorney, while professionally dancing and teaching ballet to those who, like her, see ballet as a passion. But it’s not just about work. Maria Ana does not neglect her personal life even if it is difficult to reconcile family life and career. “It’s not just about professional life, family life is fundamental for me”, she says. She has extensive academic training in the field of Law: Since her graduation, she specialized in European Law in 2005 at the Faculty of Law of Universidade Nova de Lisboa and at the University of Bremen, Germany. In 2006 she acquired a Master’s degree in European Law from the Europa-Institut at the University of Saarbrücken. In 2007 she received a certificate in European Union Law from King’s College, and being already in Luxembourg,  she worked at the European Court of Justice and in a first tier Luxembourg law firm for many years. In 2009, she graduated in Luxembourg Law.

Experience and know-how: the key factor of differentiation

Possessing an unequaled adventurous and entrepreneurial spirit, it was in 2015 that she founded the law firm Real Avocats à la Cour, staffed by young and dynamic associate lawyers and located in the heart of Luxembourg City. The highly competent team is specialized in general litigation, with main focus on civil and commercial matters, family law, real estate law, criminal law, labor law and European Union law. The firm offers legal advisory services and legal representation in court to a wide range of clients through an expansive network of international law firms. The professional excellence is nurtured by the excellent working environment. On the other hand, there is also the key factor for any service company: customers. At Real Avocats it is essential that a personalized follow-up is provided to all clients, thus creating solid client relationships and maintaining the standard of excellence. In Portugal, the firm provides legal support from both the national and international investment perspective. Quality, efficiency and positive attitude are fundamentals for this law firm and they daily motivate the team to achieve total client satisfaction. In addition to the unrivaled know-how of the founder, all lawyers are able to work with clients in English, German, French, Portuguese and Luxembourgish. Despite being proudly Portuguese, Maria Ana Real Geraldo Dias is not just a “lawyer for the Portuguese”, but has a vast international clientele. As if the legal leadership position she occupies were not enough, our interlocutor never neglected the activity that gives her the most enthusiasm: Ballet. A lover of this practice, she studied ballet at the National Dance Conservatory of Lisbon. In 2014, Maria Ana founded the dance school “Real Academy of Dance”, located in the center of Luxembourg city. Maria Ana is a certified teacher in Ballet Teaching Studies and in Progressing Ballet Technique. Because of her merit – deserved – she is a qualified teacher at the Royal Academy Of Dance, a dance education and training organization based in London, enabling its students to participate in various examinations internationally. In addition to being a full professor at the Real Academy of Dance (formerly Workout Ballet School), Maria Ana is also the manager of the school. The school offers a variety of fitness and ballet classes for children and adults. We are effectively talking about an academy that is very different from the rest. From the certification the school provides to the love Maria Ana puts in what she teaches, this is the place where dance lovers can really feel happy and fulfilled.

The power of women’s multiplication

There are many benefits that a leadership role brings, but the truth is that women still have to deal with several obstacles today, and our interviewee is no different. She assures that she sometimes felt prejudices that were only overcome because she effectively had a path formed by different backgrounds, which gave her knowledge beyond what was expected. In addition to the many other roles Maria Ana has one of the most valuable to her is being a lawyer for children. She is appointed by the court itself to defend them, which gives her also a very strong connection with children and younger clients. Maria Ana Real Geraldo Dias is a powerful example that women are not – and should not be – conditioned to just one activity. Although the matter has evolved positively in recent years, it is important to give practical examples of people, women and professionals who enjoy their lives by doing what makes their eyes “sparkle”. In this case, Law and Ballet are themes that, although different, are united in a single line and elevate their true mission in life. And for all women who, like our interviewee, wish to take a successful path towards their goals, the secret is “never give up, women achieve everything with desire, motivation, work and love. That’s enough. Fight, be brave and never give up. Have a lot of strength”, finishes Maria Ana Real Geraldo Dias.